Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Position Phone
Batley, Janelle TCI Para 219-279-2138
Blanchette, LouAnn Kitchen 219-279-2138
Brown, Molly Title I 219-279-2138
Clark, Aimee 3rd Grade 219-279-2138
Cook, Holly 4th Grade 219-279-2138
Foster, Sharon 5th Grade 219-279-2138
Hare, Rose Custodian 219-279-2138
Justice, Tammy 3rd Grade 219-279-2138
Klinkhamer, McKenna Secretary 219-279-2138
Knochel, Louise 4th Grade 219-279-2138
Krug, Marilyn Kitchen 219-279-2138
LeBeau, Ashley PE Instructor 219-279-2138
Legler, Christine Music Instructor 219-279-2138
Luebcke, Rebecca Counselor 219-279-2138
Mattocks, Susan 5th Grade 219-279-2138
Mcclure, Alexis 6th Grade 219-279-2138
McQuinn, Cynthia 4th Grade 219-279-2138
Miller, Sandy Media Specialist 219-279-2138
Porter, Denise TCI Para 219-279-2138
Rider, Rosetta Art Instructor 219-279-2138
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